Mozambique Quirimba Archipelago Marine Research Programme

Project dates
1996 – 1997

Quirimba Archipelago, Mozambique

Ministry for Coordination of Environmental Affairs


To provide information relevant to the formation of a coastal zone management plan, contributing to
sustainable development and resource use within the Quirimba Archipelago.


The survey programme included 32 mangrove habitat surveys, 41 intertidal surveys, 220 fishery survey trips with local fisherman and a vast number of community surveys with villagers.

In total, 1460 survey dives were completed, covering 51 survey sites.


The Southern Quirimbas support a rich diversity of habitat types and of flora and fauna within these habitats. The remoteness of the islands, the topography of the region, past political instability and its associated prevention of coastal development, all combined to create and preserve the islands as an area of national and regional importance in terms of its high biodiversity and extensive marine resources. Based on SEE’s research, the Government of Mozambique declared the Southern Quirimbas a National Marine Reserve in 2002. This region is now managed by WWF.

Further Information

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