Kibale National Park Development and Game Reserves Programme

Project dates
1991 – 1998

Kibale National Park


Makerere University, Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities


To estimate the density of game within the Semuliki Wildlife Reserve in the Rift Valley. To assess biodiversity and the relationship between local people and the Semuliki Wildlife Reserve.


Population estimates were assessed by walking randomly placed 2km line transects. In addition, inventories were compiled of birds, small mammals, bats, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies and dragonflies. The vegetation was also described and habitats were noted to identify changes since previous surveys. Socio-economic surveys comprised of questionnaires and interviews were conducted to assess the dependence and attitudes of local people on the Semuliki Wildlife Reserve. Results found that communities living in and around the reserve were restricted in their development by poverty and a lack of technical knowledge. The survey also found that encroachment was difficult to manage as there was little understanding of conservation issues.


Training local reserve staff was conducted through workshops and education initiatives to raise awareness of conservation in the region. This also contributed to plans for future management of the reserve.

Further Information

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